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​We believe that sustainability is not just a buzzword, but a path that we are walking together with our internal teams, factories, customers, suppliers, and all other partners.


Not only on product level but also internally within our organisation. We have invested heavily in our IT infrastructure in recent years, resulting in an almost zero usage of paper internally in our offices.



When starting the usage of sustainable materials over 15-years ago, the availability of materials was low. And if sustainable options were available the MOQ’s for purchasing the materials was extremely high, making it only available for larger international clients. 


Nowadays we use a wide range of sustainable materials such as rPet, re-acrylic, re-nylon or re-cotton on a daily base. We even offer sustainable PU options or recycled hardware.  By continuously developing with our suppliers we are able to add more and more sustainable options to the possibilities. And because we order these materials every year in larger quantities they become available at lower quantities.


It's not just the main product materials that we can produce sustainably. We can also create sustainable solutions for your labeling, packaging, trims, and much more. 



When it comes to shipping, we offer three different transportation methods for bulk goods: sea, air, and rail. Depending on the type of goods, ETA, and costs, we work together with our customers to decide on the best transportation method. We encourage our customers to use rail shipments as much as possible, as it is significantly better for the environment than sea or air shipping and is relatively fast. 


At BC Branding, we believe that sustainability is not just about the environment but also about our people. We make sure that everyone who works with us, whether in our offices or factories, has decent working conditions, fair wages, and is treated with respect. All our factories are minimally BSCI audited by third parties, and our teams in the Netherlands, Hong Kong, and China visit the factories regularly to control and supervise. 

Believe in giving back

Finally, we believe in giving back. We don't just produce and sell accessories for clients; we also invest in the world around us. We recognize that many people in the world cannot enjoy the products we produce, and we are committed to bringing balance to the world. That's why we donate a portion of our gross margin to related charities and foundations. We know that donating won't solve every problem, but we believe that every step counts.

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